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The world’s first neuromorphic supercomputer
at the scale of the human brain.

DeepSouth is a supercomputer built by the International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems at Western Sydney University.
It is designed to mimic biological processes, using hardware to efficiently emulate large networks of spiking neurons at 228 trillion synaptic operations per second - rivalling the estimated rate of operations in the human brain.
DeepSouth uses large scale parallel architecture to process massive amounts of data quickly, using much less power and being much smaller than other supercomputers.  

Why neuromorphic computing?

Neuromorphic Engineering aims to create advanced computing systems that mimic the performance of the human brain.


This cutting-edge research field has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with computers and machines, opening up a world of possibilities for new and innovative applications.


By developing systems that can process information in a way that is similar to how the human brain works, neuromorphic engineering can achieve more efficient, reliable, and versatile computing systems.

Bio-inspired computing 

Computer architecture that processes information as biology does. 


Built to operate on the scale of the human brain, at 228 trillion operations per second.

Low power usage

By only activating when there is a change in data, power usage is massively reduced.

Research aims

By simulating a spiking neural network, DeepSouth can be used to study the human brain under various conditions.  

Epilepsy researchers might want to employ the machine to look at how the brain works and test different configurations to learn more about the disease.  

DeepSouth will also be used as a ‘sandbox’ for developing neuromorphic devices. For example, the edge processing for a neuromorphic sensor may be developed using the supercomputer, and then refined down to operate at the level of the chip. 

This will lead to advances in tiny smart devices to monitor the world around us, or biomedical applications such as artificial limbs.  

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